It is difficult for me to call myself “a photographer” : instead “i capture images”. i prefer the Spanish term "imágenes" as it incorporates both concepts of image and imagination. i often reconstruct or glamorize wildly in Photoshop or with a variety of photoApps, without apology. Usually i seek to capture structures and scenes which may not  be acknowledged, or are hidden in some way, designated unattractive or mundane, and destined to disappear. When captured, their beauty surprises. i still look with a child’s eyes. i am not a careful photographer, in fact usually call myself a “mosquito” (or vampire). i try to claim the essence and the moment, over the actuality. As a "naive photographer", a fancy camera and lots of numbers and science intimidate me and i use a fairly basic digital camera (currently Panasonic Lumix ZS50) and have given up my stable of toy cameras for the joy of the iPhone.

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