studioMezclado is the studio/gallery of Bobbi Studstill, a prolific, yet relatively unknown mixed media artist and naive photographer, currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Since childhood she has created imaginary environments and scenarios, usually internally. For many years of her adult life, the hours were filled with raising two daughters, maintaining a modest household and 8-5 office duties. Yet, she continued acquiring skills and knowledge. She collected vintage cloth and paper, sewing notions, varieties of coloring materials and made photographic images of every kind. She now manifests some of those environments and scenarios into an artform simply called "mezclado". Inspired by dreams, readings and curious visions, imaginal landscapes, sanctuaries and village scenarios are created using self-made images, vintage and new papers, old books, clipped images and text, ephemera, seamstress notions, paints and assorted marks. Projects and new pieces are most always informed by her current stash of recycled and "rescued" materials.

Bobbi's work is currently visible at the beautiful Artisans Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas. She is available for additional representation and interesting collaborations and/or commissions. Feel free to contact her at

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