Between holiday funk, creative angst and a nasty head cold, not too much has been happening in the studio. Luckily, i’m showing some older work at open studio … unh … Next Weekend (already!)

At the end of the year, i have a tendency to want to “clean up” and “use up”. This is good, because sales are very small and infrequent, so i have been hesitant to buy more supplies. i don’t really have the quantities of paint to work on the only blank canvases i have left - large ones. Also, i am still intimidated by them! So i have been re-doing some pieces and working on vintage art papers, inherited from my aunt. It is rather nice to use.

i have been working on some painting experiments - and also some very simple collages using family ephemera and photographs. Right now, they look *too* simplistic, contrived and trite for me to be very happy with. Too literal. i want them to be more abstract and less representational. But i am very pleased with the colors. Dirty pastels, sort of like vintage lingerie, some (not shown here) mixed with brights. This one is on canvas, and will be hand-stitched. It is still in progress.


i’m sitting in my bland Holiday Inn room (obtained for an excellent bargain price this morning, a last minute special, so i won’t need to sleep on the blow-up bed in the studio tonight!!), with very slow wifi, wanting to update this news page, but unable to load images, procrastinating about showering and putting on “artist clothes”.

It is Second Saturday again and my studio is filled with new showings (some new pieces, some quite old ones). It has been a busy month. i’ve been working well there, *when* i can *get* there. Also doing gallery work and fulfilling other obligations. Sneaking a day to stay home alone when i can. It feels odd to be so busy and yet be “semi-retired”. Not quite what i imagined. But i am proud that i have finished lots of new pieces this month. It’s possible i’m tiring of houses for a bit and i’ve been experimenting with painting - completely non-representational. Hardest thing i’ve ever done!


it’s that time again already - Second Saturday at the South Flores / Lone Start Art District! tomorrow 7-10 pm, 1906 S. Flores in San Antonio TX.

As are many seemingly mild-mannered people, i am secretly drawn to unsettling and somewhat peculiar objects, compositions and places. The camera between us minimizes my anxiety and encourages my curiosity. Abandoned structures, bird shadows, bare branches, hazy cemeteries, inexplicable double exposures and photographic “accidents” delight me. 

Celebrating my favorite month of the year with a collection of some favorite images from my archives.

Prints are for sale    $10

i made another “naive print show” - this time using images from my archives that are somewhat mysterious, some of my favorites. we’ll see how it goes. i like to have one small and new exhibit in the studio each month. even though i DO want to sell some of my bigger work, i also don’t want the offerings to get stale until i am ready to show new pieces - which i hope will be by the end of the year. i realize i’ve been so busying Doing Art Stuff, that i haven’t been as busy Making Art. which is not a good thing. but i am almost settled and i know it will happen very soon.

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